Virtual Shopping + Styling

No time to shop? Let C'est Renee be your virtual styling side to get you ready for an upcoming event, or to find and deliver the perfect wardrobe essentials.

Whatever your styling needs, time frame & budget, hand-selected items will be delivered to your home, office, or event location. If you are local I can work with you in person delivering to your home, to your hotel, your event, or photoshoot.  Or choose to have online links sent to you, with 3-4 options per item requested. Select, choose, and order on your own. 

What’s Included:
  • Personal delivery/Mailing of clothing, shoes, and accessories selected from boutiques or stores. 
  • I order everything for you. I mail everything to you. I personalize your looks myself. 
  • Exchanges and returns handled for you if your'e unsatisfied with certain items.
  • Vendor discounts on merchandise. Get sassy for less. I provide however many looks you request under or around whatever your budget is.

For this package it is $80 for the styling. The looks that you are purchasing are add ons to this $80. The looks prices are determined by your budget that you send me.


Ex:$80 styling fee + Budget for clothing: $150.00. I buy all of the looks and clothes for under $150.00. Your total: $230.00. You take home all of your looks!

Please email me for further questions:

Here is the link to purchase this package: